Early weaning at Full potential

Unlock the unparalleled potential of early life nutrition for young calves with XTERN®. A meticulously formulated blend of ingredients and feed additives, XTERN®is more than just a feed – it’s the cornerstone of healthy growth and development for young ruminants.

Tailored specifically for those crucial weeks before and after weaning, this innovative product not only addresses dietary needs but sets the stage for lifelong vitality and productivity.


Ruminants - calves, lambs, goat kids.
25 kg triple layer bag - 1000 kg pallets

Benefits of Xtern

Cost Effective Early Weaning

Eliminate the heavy reliance on expensive milk replacers that delay early weaning. Xtern’s unique composition encourages young calves to initiate solid feed consumption early on. With its appealing milky sweet taste and captivating odor, calves are naturally drawn to it, easing the weaning process.

Enhanced Health and Digestion

Xtern’s powerful ingredients shield calves against harmful pathogens and reinforce the gastrointestinal tract. This dual-action formula prevents  post-weaning slumps,  mechanical and pathogen associated diarrheas, ensuring optimal growth without setbacks.

Rumen Maturation & Metabolic Transition

Rumen maturation needs a complete 180º change at the biochemical level of the young ruminant. The animal needs to shift from a metabolism based on glucose consumption and burn to a rumen driven metabolism where SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids) are the key sources of energy. Supporting crucial transition results in lasting epigenetic changes, significantly boosting survivability and lifelong milk production potential.


  • Captivating odor that draws calves to the feed
  • Reduces dependency on costly milk replacers.
  • Encourages solid feed consumption right from the early stages.
  • Naturally enticing milky sweet taste.


  • Prevents common post-wean digestive issues.
  • Optimizes growth without the risk of setbacks.
  • Fortified against harmful pathogens ensuring a strong GI tract.
  • Boosts overall calf health and resilience.


  • Supports rapid rumen development.
  • Facilitates the shift from glucose to SCFA metabolism.
  • Induces beneficial, lifelong epigenetic changes.
  • Maximizes survivability and milk production potential.

Key Scientific Excerpts

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