Alka-lac+ Neutralizes Acidosis

Protect your herd from high-grain diets

Odour Free Butyrate

Solid Foundations for early age feeds


50% of dairy cows show no estrous after the PPAI.
Reboot your cow's cycle with Glycoline™


AGQ Nutrition specialises in feed additives that redefine efficiency in life. Our mission revolves around creating products that reduce and mitigate common metabolic syndromes and employ essential additives to enhance animal feed utilisation. The results? Improved weight gain, lean mass accrual, increased milk production, and enhanced fertility are vital elements for thriving livestock operations.

Our products mitigate metabolic syndromes, enhance feed utilisation, and improve weight gain, lean mass, milk production, and fertility for thriving livestock.

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Efficiency in
Livestock Performance

AGQ Nutrition specializes in feed additives that optimize livestock performance, making your farm operations more efficient. Our solutions target common metabolic syndromes, ensuring healthier animals.

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Feed Utilization

We employ key additives that enhance feed utilization, resulting in improved weight gain, lean mass accrual, increased milk production, and enhanced fertility. These factors drive profitability.

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Supporting Farmers'
Bottom Line

By addressing these essential aspects, we consistently elevate the bottom line for farmers across various sectors. We’re committed to reducing hidden costs, safeguarding your economic success. AGQ Nutrition is your partner in efficiency and profitability.

$ Loss with 1,000 calvings a year and a 30 percent incidence of Ketosis

Million USD. Annual cost of SARA to the North American dairy industry

calves dead per year in the US due to scour/respiratory problems

Highlighted Products

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Superior Technology
Odorless butyrate in form of tributyrin
Butyrate is the key trophic factor in gut health dynamics
Explore the family of butyric based formulations for poultry, swine, pets and aquaculture
Gut health and integrity
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Free Choice Formula
Innovative formulation that makes free choice feeding a reality
Minimize Risk
Navigate high grain diets, slug feeding and subclinical acidosis.
Explore state of the art molasses coated buffered antacid to control and prevent Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
Control & Prevent Ruminal Acidosis
Reproductive Perfomance
Reduce length of post-partum anovulatory interval (PPAI or calving to first heat)
Milk Yield
Improve cow's milk production and lactation persistence
Control and curb the effects of Negative Energy Balance (NEB) and unleash the cow's genetic potential
Energy supplement for the transition period
NEB Control
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Protection & Development
Establish and maintain diverse and resilient microbiota helping mature the GI tract at the biochemical level
Attraction & Intake
Smell drives interest and increases feed intake
First age ruminants have a window of opportunity that unleashes the epigenetic expression that shapes future performances
Formulation for First Ages
First Ages

Choose your Efficiency

Early Age Efficiency

Unlock the potential of your newborn. Accelerate growth and seize the window of opportunity for lifelong lasting epigenetic development in early ages.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency significantly influences animal health and productivity. Inefficient feed conversion can lead to metabolic syndromes, impacting well-being and performance

Feed Efficiency

Feed digestion and absorption is paramount for viable livestock operations and reduced cost.

USD/per 100 cows

due to Acidosis and SARA in dairy herds


Depressed milk Production around Peak Lactation

million $

Annual Loss per year due to unmanaged SARA in US Dairy

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