Protected tributyrin for superior performance

The impact of butyrate in livestock nutrition is nothing short of revolutionary, offering many benefits beyond the initial ROI, mortality rates, and Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR) improvements. Its versatility makes it suitable for many species, contributing to healthier animals and more efficient feed utilization.

NovoSophos® is a pioneering tributyrin-based butyrate solution, known for its odorless, stable, and user-friendly attributes. It sets industry standards for performance and ease of use.


All Species - Broiler, laying hens, Swine, Ruminants, Aquaculture
20 kg triple layer bag - 1000 kg pallets


Balanced Gut Microbiota

A well-balanced gut microbiota is pivotal for livestock. Butyrate, as a postbiotic, serves as a trophic factor in gut lining renewal. It strengthens tight junctions between cells, fostering an environment where beneficial bacteria thrive while inhibiting harmful pathogens. This equilibrium leads to enhanced gut health, ensuring improved livestock performance and overall profitability.


  • Butyrate as a trophic factor for gut lining renewal.
  • Strengthening tight junctions for enhanced gut health.
  • Fostering a balanced microbiota for improved livestock performance.

Nutrient Absorption

Butyrate, a nutritional linchpin, activates critical exocrine enzymes, propelling efficient digestion and nutrient absorption. Over three decades of widespread use, butyrate consistently enhances weight gains, lowers feed consumption, and reduces Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR). Particularly, in feeds with less digestible proteins, butyrate significantly improves protein utilization.

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption and efficient digestion
  • Consistent better weight gains, lower feed consumption, and improved FCR
  • Especially valuable in feeds with less digestible proteins

Immune Support

Butyrate plays a vital role in bolstering immunity. It takes on common gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens through both direct action and indirect means. Indirectly, it promotes a favorable microbiota balance and boosts the endogenous production of AMP/HDP (Antimicrobial Peptides/Host Defense Peptides). This dual approach equips livestock with robust immune defenses, reducing susceptibility to diseases and reinforcing overall well-being

  • Butyrate combats pathogens directly and indirectly, promoting immunity in livestock.
  • Balances microbiota and boosts AMP/HDP production for robust host defense.
  • Reduces disease susceptibility, reinforcing overall well-being in livestock.

NovoSophos Technology

Tributyrin takes the lead as the most bioavailable form of butyrate, surpassing other butyrate salts due to its higher butyrate concentration. Unlike coated products, Tributyrin eliminates the need for non-active fats that merely add weight without enhancing activity. This results in a more efficient delivery system, ensuring that a greater quantity of pure butyrate reaches the target site – the intestine. With Tributyrin, you get superior payloads and effectiveness without unnecessary additives, making it the optimal choice for maximizing the benefits of butyrate in livestock nutrition. It’s a streamlined solution that optimizes performance while minimizing unnecessary components, setting it apart as the superior option in livestock feed additives.

Tributyrin stands as the ultimate Protected Butyrate for Targeted Release, consistently outperforming butyrate salts or coated salts in livestock performance. It often requires lower dosages per metric ton of feed. Its unique composition ensures efficient release in the intestine and enhanced absorption by gut cells, optimizing benefits and cost-effectiveness. Tributyrin stands out as the top choice for enhancing livestock health and profitability, offering a reliable and efficient solution in livestock nutrition.

NovoSophos emerges as the ideal butyrate solution for the entire industry chain, from manufacturing and transport to handling and feed production. NovoSophos’ Tributyrin is odour-free, unlike butyrate salts, notorious for their persistent, off-putting odour that clings to skin, hair, and clothing. This crucial distinction alleviates worker discomfort and boosts morale, preventing potential labour disputes. With NovoSophos, the workforce can confidently handle this critical product, unlocking its extraordinary benefits for animals, feed, and operational profitability. Tributyrin enhances livestock performance and fosters a more harmonious and productive work environment, ensuring a seamless journey from production to end-use.


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